First Baptist Church of Sunbury

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Welcome to the website of First Baptist Church of Sunbury. We are an Independent Baptist Church that believes in the careful preaching and teaching of God's Word. In a day when preaching and expounding God's Word has taken a back seat to entertainment and psychology, we have made the preaching of God's Word our hallmark.

We also desire to serve our Risen Savior "The Lord Jesus Christ." God's Word equips us to worship and serve Him.

We trust you will come and worship the Lord with us!
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Pastor Dave and Karen Dressler
Discipleship Opportunities
Office Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday 9:00 to 4:00
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Revival Messages
Slow to Speak 4/7/19
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Responding to the Trials 3/10/19
Be Doers of the Word 3/17/19
Doing Demonstrates Faith 3/24/19
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Hosanna, Blessed is He that Cometh 4/14/19